A Limo Wine Tour Etiquette Guide For First-Timers

If you are going on your first limo wine tasting tour, it can be a lot of fun. However, it can also be a little stressful when you don't know common etiquette rules for wine tasting. Here is a quick guide for limo wine tour etiquette so you don't run into any awkward situations or feel awkward during your wine tasting tour.

Dress Nicely

Before you leave your house to set off on your wine tasting tour, take a moment to make sure that you are dressed appropriately. You will be walking around wineries and you may both stand and sit during wine tasting. You'll also be sliding in and out of your limo at each location. Make sure that the clothes you have on will allow you to comfortably do all of these things.

Additionally, wine tasting rooms are not where you want to wear worn out clothes. Although you don't need to wear a dress or a tux, make sure that you are wearing, clean, nice looking clothes. Check out the picture and the website of the wineries you are going to; some wineries have a more casual environment where jeans and a nice top are perfectly okay, and others have a little more formal feeling.

Drink Responsibly

Next, throughout your tour, make sure that you drink responsibly. A wine tour is not a bar hop; the purpose is not to get drunk. The purpose of a wine tour is to sample a variety of wines, and find wines that you would like to purchase now or in the future. A wine tour is also designed to be an educational and enjoyable experience.

Just because you are on a limo wine tour does not mean this rule doesn't apply to you. Yes, you are safe if you drink too much because you have a guaranteed sober driver. However, the purpose of taking a limo to all the different wineries is so you can relax and enjoy the scenery and the experience

Be Prepared To Pay For Wine Tasting

The vast majority of wineries charge a fee for wine tasting. Some charge a specific rate per taste, and others charge a specific rate for a flight of wine, which gives you an opportunity to taste a specific number or types of wines. Some wine tour packages pay the fee for you, other wine tours just provide transportation and require you to pay the tasting fee at each winery you visit. Make sure you ask how your wine tour will operate, and be prepared to pay for tastings, if necessary.

Appreciate Each Wine

At each wine tasting, you will be presented with the opportunity to taste many different types and styles of wine. They are called a wine "tasting" because you are not required to drink all the wines that you are served. It is considered perfectly acceptable to swirl, smell, taste and then spit out the wine into a spittoon. This process allows you to taste the wine, without having to drink large quantities of wine or drink a wine that you do not enjoy the taste of.

Be Prepared To Tip Your Driver

If your limo driver is polite and gets you to all of your wine tastings on time, you should consider giving them a tip. If your limo driver enhanced your experience and allowed you to relax and enjoy yourself, then they did their job. Make sure you bring some extra cash with you so you can tip them at the end of your tour. You may even want to put the cash aside in an envelope in your purse or wallet so you don't forget and spend it on a bottle of wine at one of your stops.  

Before you go on your limo wine tour, make sure you wear comfortable and appropriate clothes. Make sure you bring enough money with you for the wine tasting. Finally, remember this is not a party, so don't get drunk; instead, enjoy the unique environment at each winery and learn about the wines they make. Contact a local limo company, like American Sedan Service, for more details.