Get On The Bus To Learn African-American History Firsthand

America has a rich history that deserves exploring in detail and is a large and diverse nation. There are parts of the past that most people may hear of, yet know about only through books, television shows and movies. Short of going into the archives and extracting information from primary sources, the next best thing is to visit the actual locations where people made history.

A valuable experience for a group, whether church, college, office or life-long friends, is to take a charter bus tour of African-American historical sites. Here are three top locations where a group can learn more about this important segment of American history.


Jumping on a bus to Memphis, Tennessee, should provide a thrill to the group. Crossing the mighty Mississippi River and eyeing the skyline over this city, known as the starting point of the Mississippi Delta, always proves breathtaking.

The Civil Rights Movement receives much attention in Memphis, since it was here that Dr. Martin Luther, King, Jr, gave his last speech. The hotel where this Nobel Peace Prize winner spent his last days is now a museum, maintained to appear as it did in 1968.


Known unofficially as the "Capital of the New South," Atlanta has, since the Civil War ended, been the region's most bustling city. Though most of the noted Civil Rights-era protests took place in neighboring Alabama and Mississippi, this Georgia city was the birthplace of Martin Luther King. It is also here that his body now lays in rest.

Charter bus tourists can easily find time to visit King's birth home, family church and gravesite, all along Auburn Avenue, a revitalized residential, shopping and entertainment district.

New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina did not destroy this birthplace of jazz, the only American-born art form. Visitors still hear tunes blasting from impromptu street concerts all around the historic French Quarter, where since the early 20th century African-Americans such as Louis Armstrong have honed their musical skills.

The food is unbelievable in this city, as well. Most of the menus exhibit the diverse origins of the longtime residents, with African, Haitian, Italian, French, Spanish and Native American dishes abounding in what has become known as Louisiana Creole cuisine.

Get on the Bus

Setting up a charter tour is made easy these days with the proliferation of the Internet. Prospective travelers can search online for a charter bus that can provide their group with a reliable, comfortable and economical service. If you're looking to charter a bus in your area, visit Rochester Shuttle Express.