How To Keep An Eye On Your Latch Key Kid While Working

If the adults in your home need to work from 9 to 5, this can leave a predicament for childcare. Depending on the hours that you work and the accommodations available at your child's school, you may not have available nearby after school care available. If your child is at the legal age to be left alone for a few hours via your city and state rules, sending them home is an option. Here are some methods for keeping your child under a watchful eye at all times.

Secure trusted transportation

If there is inclement weather or if the bus does not run down your street, you will need to find proper transportation for your kid. Find a trusted, friendly taxi services in your child that can take your little student home when necessary. It is possible to prepay for these services or to pay over the phone with a credit card, rather than have to give your child money to keep with. A taxi service (like Union Taxi) can get your child directly to the door safely, with no wait.

Get a phone watch

Since some schools districts have restrictions or even bans on children having cellular phones in school, the best option for a young child is a smart watch. You can get a smart watch added to your own cellular phone plan and give it to your child to wear. With the smart watch your child can make phone calls to the contacts that you have set up for them. Some smart watches also have a panic button to reach emergency services and law enforcement at one touch. Best of all, with smart phone watches, you can download the necessary application to track the exact GPS location of your child any time that you need.

Set up code locks at home

One of the worst things that can happen for a latch-key child is losing their set of keys. For this reason, setting up a lock with a code or a smart lock on the front door that can be unlocked from your phone or tablet will work from your family. Once your child memorizes the code, they can enter the code daily, rather than having to worry about the key. In the event that something goes wrong with the lock, make a contingency plan with a neighbor or family member that your child can go to until you are able to settle the problem with the locks.