How To Surprise Your Wife With An Out-Of-Town New Year's Eve She'll Always Remember

Whether this is your very first holiday season as a newlywed or whether you've been married for several or many years, bringing in a new year together is a great way to start 2016. And planning an out-of-town celebration will probably make you an even bigger hero than you already are. Here are some ideas that might help you to plan a New Year's Eve your wife will remember forever. Making the event a surprise one will just add to the fun.

  • Give Her Some Needed Information - You'll have to be careful not to give the secret away, but you'll also want her to be prepared for what's ahead. You might give little hints like Honey, keep a few days open around New Year's Eve. That might sound like a give-away, but it's really not. She might think that each of those days you're planning something fun right in your own city. Does she have a sister or a very close trusted friend that you could ask to pack for her? If not, you'll have to be sneaky ahead of time so that you can have a bag already packed. You could also let her know the type of clothing she'll need for the big event. For example, you could tell her that you've planned something elegant for New Year's Eve and ask her to set aside what she'll be wearing so that you can buy her a corsage to go with it. She probably won't guess that the outfit will be worn out of town!
  • The Morning Of Your Trip - If her suitcase is already packed, you're all set. If not, then give her about an hour to pack, telling her what kind of clothes she'll need. For example, if you're flying somewhere like San Diego, California or Miami, Florida, she'll probably want her swimsuit and casual clothes as it will more than likely be warm enough to hit the beach. If you're flying, having a limousine waiting to take you to the airport will sweep her off her feet. Then, when you arrive at your destination, it would be wonderful to have a luxury rental car picked out and ready for you to drive to your hotel. It will be pretty amazing to drive a fancy automobile that has all of the latest bells and whistles. If both of you will be driving the rental car, be sure to point that out to the clerk at the rental agency, as both names will be needed for insurance purposes. You may be surprised to find that renting a luxury car is affordable, especially if you were going to rent a regular car to begin with.

Don't forget to take your camera on your trip, as your wife will for sure want to document this wonderful experience.