Tips to Save on Wedding Expenses

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair and, chances are, you want it to be special. However, special can be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to save on some aspects of your wedding without compromising on quality.


The transportation to your wedding may be one of the most important aspects. Regardless of if you plan to rent several limousines for the occasion or one, you can save money. For instance, limit the number of stops you make. More stops can often mean more charges by the limo service. If you choose to hire several limos to transport your guests, ask your friends and family who are participating in the wedding and riding in the limos to the service to meet in one location. If you're considering a limousine or several for your wedding, consider contacting a local service, such as A Prestige Limousine, to discuss your concerns and determine if it's a good fit for your wedding budget.


Your venue can take a lion's share of your budget. To save money, consider using a public space, such as a park, to have your wedding. Public spaces are usually available for a small fee. It is important to note that public spaces tend to fill up quickly, so reserve your space well ahead of your wedding.

Another way to save on expenses is to opt for just one location for the wedding ceremony and the reception. By doing this, you can eliminate the charge for an additional venue. You also avoid paying additional transportation charges for the ride from one venue to the next.

Even though you might want to share your special day with your family and friends as long as possible, doing so can be costly. Some venues charge by the hour or in blocks of time. If you limit the amount of time for the ceremony and reception to only a few hours, you can have significant savings.


Professional images from your wedding day are important and are usually expensive. You do not have to compromise on quality to save money though.

One way to save is to try and schedule events that need to be photographed close to each other. For instance, you can schedule the cake cutting, toasts, and bouquet toss within the same period. Once the photographer captures the images, he or she can leave. If he or she is charging hourly, this can save money.

Instead of opting for a package, wait until you see the proofs from the wedding and pick the images you want to have printed.

Your wedding day does not have to send you and your new spouse into debt. Minor adjustments to your wedding day plans can result in big savings on your expenses.