How To Make New Year's Eve A Memorable Family Affair

Have you decided that this year you would like to include your children in your New Year's Eve festivities? What a great idea! You'll be creating a memory they'll never forget. Here are some ideas that will make the night very special. 

Send Invitations - Of course, you could tell you family that your New Year's Eve plans include each of them right at the breakfast table. But, start building anticipation by sending each one of them an invitation through the mail. And, have the invitation match the event. For example, if you're going to be all dressed up to go somewhere elegant, send a fancy, formal invitation. If you're going somewhere casual, send a fun, casual invitation.Another idea is to write your message on an inflated balloon. Tie the balloon onto the kid's beds or on their chair at the table where you share your meals. Think of how much fun it will be for your kids to walk into the kitchen or dining room to see balloons awaiting them.

Plan The Event - Is there a special concert or a  musical in town? What about a ballet? If so, dinner at a formal restaurant and going to the performance would be a wonderful idea for New Year's Eve. If your wallet can't afford that kind of extravagance, going for pizza and a movie would be a good idea. If your children are old enough, bowling with a supper from the concession bar would even be fun, too. 

Travel In Style - Can you just imagine the delight of being picked up by a chauffeur and going to your event in a real limousine? Your kids will feel like celebrities! Be sure to make reservations for your limousine as soon as possible so you won't be disappointed by waiting to do so at the last minute.  To make the ride even more special arrange to have a kid-friend beverage and wonderful treats waiting for your family in the limousine. You can expect a pleasant and experienced person who will be prompt in picking you up and then taking you back home. Obviously, you could save money by driving your family to your destination yourself. However,the enjoyment you will all experience will make every penny you spend on the limousine will definitely be worth the expense. 

Be sure to take pictures of your family on this special night. Frame one of the pictures to place in the family room to remind you of the great way you began 2016.