Chartering 101: Tips For Your First Bus Rental

There are few options for moving a large group of people that are as cost effective and efficient as a chartered bus. Renting a bus for your organization's outing is a great way not only to get people to their destination safely, but also to foster a sense of camaraderie. Bus trips are great social gatherings that encourage people to sit together, talk, and enjoy each other's company in the way that many other methods of long distance travel do not.

Of course, if you've never chartered a bus before the process can be a little intimidating and the costs can seem high at first. If this is your first time planning a trip of this type, you can gain confidence by using these tips to arm yourself with the knowledge that you'll need at every step along the way.

Understand Charter Bus Pricing Structures

Charter bus pricing will often depend on the type of trip that you will be taking. Local trips will usually be priced per hour, while longer distance trips will be priced per mile. Regardless of the type of trip, most charter bus companies will charge you for the time it takes both for your bus to arrive at the pick-up location and to drive back to its garage. These fees will generally follow the pricing structure of your trip, so you will either be charged per mile or per hour.

Additionally, charter bus companies will rarely rent their buses out for very short trips. This means you should expect to be charged a minimum fee. Five hours is a common minimum rental for most companies, although some charter buses may have higher or lower minimums. If you are taking a longer trip, be sure to check the distance you will be charged for the return trip. The return trip price will often have a slightly lower per-mile rate.

Know Your Bus Options

Charter buses commonly refer to the coach buses that can be found transporting large groups of people to casinos or other tourist destinations, but these aren't your only choice for bus rental. Many companies also rental school buses, shuttle vans, and even minibuses that slot in between a full-size coach bus and a small shuttle. Companies often have buses of multiple sizes within each type as well, so you will not necessarily be forced to rent a bus that is too large for your needs.

The rates, amenities, and maximum occupancy of these options will vary, so be sure to inquire about what's available in your area. Also establish exactly which features will be necessary so you can be sure that your chosen option meets your needs. If you need onboard WiFi or significant luggage space, for example, it may not be available on some smaller buses.

Be Aware of Prohibitions

Prohibited items will vary from company to company, so if you have specific requirements you should always make them known upfront. Many charter bus companies will allow food and drink onboard, but some may prohibit it. Likewise, alcohol consumption is often fine for adult passengers, but some companies may only allow it if the bus is occupied entirely by adults. Be sure to have a detailed list of your needs to present to the charter bus company so you can be sure that they are good fit for your trip.

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