Trucking And Highway Permits A Problem On The Road? Start Doing Things Electronically Toady

If a lot of the loads that you've carrying as a truck driver have been overweight, and getting held up at each weighing station is causing a lot of problems in your schedule, you want start filing for the proper permits well in advance. You want to be sure that you are able to keep on pace to finish your jobs as needed, so the customer is happy and so you can get more routes. With the proper trucking permits and approval, flying through weigh stations will be a breeze. Here are some of the things you want to do.

Find an Online Permit Service

Instead of filling out paperwork at every single weigh station you go to, and waiting, get the permit online and have it ready to show when you get up to the weigh station. You can do this and get it approved in the states that you will be traveling in, and for the roads and highways where you will be hauling the heavy load. 

The online service provider allows you make changes if needed, and the permit will then be delivered electronically. If it isn't up to you to do all of the paperwork, talk with the office staff and management about filing for these permits electronically, so they can just send you the approved permit while you are driving and prepping to stop.

Take More Time to Plan the Route

As a driver that is on the road frequently, you know which weigh in stations are the busiest, what rest stops attract the most crowds, and what you want to avoid in order to keep the truck moving. Take more time to plan your route before you get on the road so you can avoid all of these delays and setbacks, and to keep the best time going while driving your routes.

When you work in the logistics industry as a driver and you need to save on time, you want to make sure that you are planning out your trip, that you have all the necessary permits needed to get through the weigh stations with your heavy load, and that you are prepared to stop only when needed and at the rest areas or locations that aren't going to delay you. Look at the stations where you will have to stop, the weight of your truck, and your destination location, and move forward from there.