Three Ways Trucking Companies Can Benefit From A Straight Truck Load Board

A loading board is a website or online platform connecting carriers, shippers, and freight brokers with trucking companies and independent truck operators. It works by having people or companies who need a load picked up or delivered post ads on the platform and trucker's driver and trucking companies get to bid on the loads advertised.

Additionally, trucking companies and independent truck operators can advertise their services for potential clients by posting their empty trucks on the load board. However, some trucking companies have yet to adopt straight truck load boards, and thus, they are missing out on the numerous benefits these platforms provide.

With that said, if you run or own a trucking company, here are three reasons you should use a straight truck load board.

Cheaper Marketing

Marketing your trucking company is one of the main expenses you have to incur in a bid to gain potential customers. However, considering how much money you spend on marketing versus the number of leads you get per marketing campaign, you may feel a little short-changed and demotivated. Sometimes you may spend tens of thousands of dollars on ads only to realize that the clients you gain will not be enough to break even on your ad investment.

However, if you opt to market your services on a straight truck load board, you are guaranteed to see a return on your investment. For one, most straight-truck load boards charge a monthly subscription of less than a hundred dollars. Thus, getting your subscription fee back is pretty easy based on the number of opportunities available on a straight truck load board.

Building a Reputation

In addition to marketing, straight truckload boards also provide you with an opportunity to build a good reputation quickly and stand out amongst other trucking companies.

Straight-truck load boards also provide clients with an opportunity to review the services your trucking company offers. The more good reviews you get, the higher your rating on the load board gets. Thus, when potential clients are looking to hire a truck to deliver loads for them, they will come across your profile and see you have a good reputation. Thus, you may not even have to bid for jobs because clients will contact you because they see you have a good reputation.

Additionally, even when you bid for jobs on the straight-truck load board, the chances of being awarded the jobs are high because clients are looking for the most reliable truckers to hire. Thus, when they review the bids, there is a high chance they will award you the job based on your reputation and rating on the straight-truck load boards.

Additionally, you have the opportunity of getting recurring clients when your build a reputation on the load board.

Filtering Features

Straight-truck load boards provide truckers with the ability to filter the jobs they want to take. Thus, if you wish to take on loads from a specific area or price range, a load board can help you filter such jobs to ensure you only bid for the kind of loads you want.

Additionally, you can also filter out the weight of the loads based on the specifications of your trucks. Hence, you only pick jobs that your trucks can handle, which means you will never put your reputation at stake by bidding for a load you can't handle.