3 Car Transport Options To Keep Vehicles Clean & Protected

When you need a vehicle delivered across multiple states, you will typically rely on a car transport service to deliver the car instead of making the long drive yourself. As you seek out vehicle transport bidding for the best price, you want to look at all the little details and features of the transport service.

Ideally, you want to keep your vehicle clean and free from dust, scratches, and dents. If you feel extra protective over your vehicle, then check out some of the car transport options to consider as you compare auto transportation bids. The options you chose could impact the price but will ensure your vehicle comes back in the condition it left in.

1. Enclosed Trailers

While a lot of car transportation services offer open-air trailer service, you can find extra protection through the elements with an enclosed trailer. An enclosed trailer keeps your car fully protected from wind, dust, and rain. When the trailer drives down busy roads, you do not need to worry about rocks or debris from other trucks.

The only time the trailer gets open is when cars are removed or added to the transportation. The climate control inside an enclosed trailer can also ensure that direct sunlight doesn't impact the interior of your vehicle either.

2. Door-to-Door Services

If you want full protection of your car, then seek out door-to-door service. The extra service includes a pick-up at your home as opposed to a business or a public location like a large parking lot. The drop-off point will include another private location like your new home or destination. You do not have to drive the vehicle in an unfamiliar area and can place it right inside a garage.

Some car services will drop a vehicle off in public areas and leave the vehicle exposed to the elements. Door-to-door service also adds a lot of convenience and can save you some time.

3. Damage Protection Insurance

Even with extra add-ons, accidents can happen as cars get loaded or unloaded off a trailer. Look at a car transportation service that offers damage protection insurance. Damage protection will cover any small dings or scratches that occur throughout the transportation. The repairs get done quickly and restore your vehicle back to normal.

Ideally, you want to take pictures of your car before the transportation to showcase any damage that occurred while on the road. Read all of the fine details of the insurance to fully understand what the insurance covers and to make sure your vehicle remains protected.

As you go through bids, look beyond the cheapest price to see what options you have for your car. 

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