Booking Airport Shuttle Transportation To Pick You Up From The Airport? Questions You Should Ask Before Making A Reservation

If you are going out of town for business or pleasure, you may decide to hire airport shuttle transportation to help you get from the airport to your hotel. However, while there are many similarities among shuttle services, there are also some differences. Asking the right questions can help you learn about these differences and ensure you select the airport shuttle transportation that is perfect for your needs. 

Is the Airport Shuttle Shared? 

One of the first questions to ask when you are looking to book airport shuttle transportation is whether the shuttle is only for you or your group, or whether it is a shared shuttle. If it is a shared shuttle, ask how many stops are before your stop and how long it should take to get from the airport to your hotel with all of the stops included. 

Do You Track Flight Information? 

Another question to ask as you look to book shuttle transportation is whether the shuttle service tracks flight information. This is important in case your flight is delayed. It lets you know whether you need to call the shuttle service or whether they follow the flight information and know when you will arrive. Also, ask what happens if your flight is delayed. Is the shuttle service 24 hours, or do they stop operating at a certain time? 

Where Do You Get Picked Up At the Airport? 

Airports are often large and there can be different terminals and exits. As such, when you are looking to book an airport shuttle transportation service, be sure to ask where exactly they pick up at the airport. This can save you the hassle of walking around the airport with all of your luggage trying to find the shuttle. 

Do You Have Luggage Restrictions? 

Lastly, if you have oversized luggage or a large amount of luggage, be sure to ask the airport shuttle transportation service if they have luggage restrictions or charge extra for excess or oversized luggage. This can help prevent unexpected charges when the shuttle service arrives, or worse, the shuttle being unable to transport you. 

Knowing what questions to ask prior to hiring airport shuttle transportation is important, as it helps you to find the right shuttle service for your needs. Reach out to airport shuttle services in the area you are traveling to and ask the above questions when you are looking to make an airport shuttle reservation. For more information on airport shuttle transportation, contact a company near you.