Three Advantages Of Using Lumpers

In the world of trucking, lumpers are staff who are responsible for unloading a transport truck trailer when it arrives at its location. Many companies hire lumpers to perform this work, and there are different ways to ensure that a crew of lumpers is standing by when you back your trailer up to the bay of a warehouse. While some trucking companies attempt to save money by having their drivers unload their own trailers, there are several good reasons to hire lumpers instead. Here are three advantages of using lumpers to empty a trailer.

Faster Work

There's little question that a crew of lumpers would be able to unload a trailer far faster than the driver. Even if the driver were traveling with another driver who could help with this work, lumper crews can often number more than just two people — and thus can get the job done quickly. In the world of transportation, time is vitally important. The quick unloading of a trailer will allow a driver to get back on the road to visit their next destination far faster than if the driver were unloading the trailer on their own.

Break Time

When a driver can rely on a crew of lumpers to unload their trailer, this gives the driver a bit of time to take a break. While they'll likely need to use part of this time to deal with any paperwork at the warehouse office, they can also take advantage of the break in their schedule by going for a walk to stretch their legs, eating a meal, or even getting a short period of rest in the sleeper compartment of the truck. Without the use of lumpers, the driver wouldn't have the convenience of this type of break in their day.

Less Injury Risk

The last thing that a driver wants is to get injured on the job, but there's a risk of this happening when the driver is unloading their own trailer. Even if the driver is using a forklift and other equipment to perform this task, they may occasionally have to lift something. Every time someone lifts something heavy, there's a risk of a back injury. An injured driver may not be able to work, and this can cost the company money. When a trucking company relies on a crew of lumpers, it doesn't have to worry about its drivers getting hurt during the unloading process.

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