Gadgets To Improve Your Bike Commute To Work

Whether you're a health nut, an environmentally-conscious citizen, or a frugal person, biking to work has its advantages. You get to skip morning traffic, enjoy your beautiful town, and get a workout while you're at it. But it's not without its own unique challenges. Become a bike commuter, and you have to manage the ups and downs (sometimes literally) of skipping other transportation alternatives. Here are a few gadgets that can improve your biking commute to work. 

Add Tunes

One of the benefits of driving or taking the subway to work is the ability to listen to audio while you travel. Upbeat music pumps you up, and your favorite audiobook keeps you company on long morning travels. But when you ride a bike, it's too dangerous to put in headphones or hold your phone while you ride. Retailers address the problem with bluetooth speakers designed specifically to hang on your handlebars. You can listen to a podcast or Spotify without drowning out traffic.


If work starts early and you live more than a couple of miles away, you may find yourself biking to work in the dark. If safety is a concern for you, you can buy a gadget that projects a bike lane onto the road. These laser lines make you more visible to passing cars and shed light on the road below you. For added safety, purchase a commuter jacket complete with motion-activated turn signals on the back. Your manual turn signals will be more effective and help you avoid a collision. 

Many folks know that bike safety includes wearing a helmet. But traditional helmets are bulky and can be embarrassing to walk into work with (if you have a high-powered job). Invest in a foldable bike helmet that folds to half its size and can fit in a stylish work bag. 

Be Prepared

You never know when the sky is going to open up and pour down rain. When you don't expect it, a sudden storm can wreak havoc on your commute time, hair, and work outfit. Be prepared to tackle a rainy commute; buy an outdoor jacket (originally meant for backpackers and rock climbers) that folds up into the size of a baseball. Keep the jacket in your work or bike bag, and you'll never get caught off guard by inclement weather. 

Your bike to work can be made easier by purchasing the items listed above. Be sure to avoid unplanned bike breakdowns by visiting a local bike shop (such as Tri-A-Bike Inc) often. A tune-up is as important to a bike as an oil change is to a car, so get in the habit early.