4 Ways To Book A Cab For Beginners

If you just recently move to an area where getting around in a taxi is more common, you are going to need to learn how to effectively hail a cab when you are stuck downtown and need a ride. You are also going to need to learn how to book a cab when you know in advance that you are going to need a ride. Here is a quick guide that will help you navigate the new cab waters that you find yourself in:

Hail A Cab

Hailing a cab really only works if you know you are in a location where cabs roam around, trying to pick up a fare. Cabs tend to roam around the downtown area around the hotels and restaurants as well as major attractions.

If you are in such an area, you may be able to hail a cab. Don't go out into the road to hail a cab; that is unsafe. Instead, stand on the sidewalk. When you see a cab approaching that has its light on, indicating that it is not in use, try to get the driver's attention by putting your hand up or by waving your hands in the air. Sometimes, it also works to hold out your credit card or some cash. This lets the cab driver know that you can pay and that you need a ride.

Once the cab pulls up, jump in and let them know where you want to go.

Wait At A Designated Taxi Stop

In the interest of safety, some major cities have implemented designated taxi stops. These stops are marked just like a bus stop, with a large sign that lets you know this is a designated taxi stop. Often times, a taxi may be waiting there to pick up a fare.

If there is no taxi at the stop, you shouldn't have to wait long; when a taxi drives by and sees you at the stop, they will know you are looking for a ride and will pull up to pick you up.

Call A Taxi

If you don't see a lot of taxis driving around the area where you are at, you may need to call a taxi. Try to store the numbers of a few local taxi companies in your phone so that you can easily call up a taxi when you need one. You'll need to let the taxi company know where you are at and when you need to be picked up.

If you don't want to wait for a taxi, it's best to call and book a taxi ten or fifteen minutes before you need to leave. 

Book A Taxi Online

Finally, you can book a taxi from your smartphone or computer. Many taxi companies are getting in touch with the digital age and offer online services that allow you to book a taxi in advance or find the closest taxi on short notice. Booking in advance is especially important when you want to use an airport taxi service, as some days see more travelers than others.

If you are new to using a taxi to get around, there are multiple ways to find and get a taxi. You can flag one down, find one at a designated taxi stop, or arrange for transportation over the phone or online.