4 Tips For Saving Money On Cab Fares While On Vacation

When visiting a new destination for a vacation, taking cabs can make getting from one place to another much easier. But depending on how long you will be visiting, and how many cab rides you will need, taking a cab can become costly. Luckily, there are several ways to save money when taking cabs to help ensure that you can stick to your vacation budget. Use the following tips to help you save on cab fares when you're on vacation:

Understand the Fare Structure

In many locations, the local government sets the fares that cab companies charge. It is a good idea to do some research online before you go on vacation so you have a good idea of what type of fare structure to expect and how much you can plan to pay. The meter rate refers to how much you pay per mile, but in some areas you may also have to pay a fuel surcharge or airport tax. It is also important to note of how much you will be charged if the cab is stopped in traffic or if the cab driver waits for you while you enter a store or stop at the bank. You may even find a discount cab available.

Always Check the Meter

When you get into a cab, it is always a good idea to check the meter and make sure that it has been reset. If the meter is not running when you begin your journey, you may end up accidentally getting overcharged when you reach your destination. This is often an innocent mistake, so feel free to let your cab driver know if the meter is not on.

Pay Attention to Traffic Reports

Before getting into a cab, it is always a good idea to check local traffic reports to see if there are any problems. Free online mapping services often provide more than one set of directions to reach a destination. If there is heavy traffic or an accident on the way to where you need to go, ask the cab driver to take one of the other routes suggested so you don't get stuck paying a lot of money while sitting in traffic.

Combine Cabs with Walking and Public Transportation

When you want to keep transportation costs down, consider combining cab rides with walking or utilizing public transportation. For example, take a cab to the closest subway or train, and then continue on to your destination. You can also have your cab driver drop you off in an area that has several destinations you want to visit, and them walk between them.