Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Sightseeing Helicopter Ride

Taking a sightseeing helicopter charter tour of a city when on vacation is a great way to spend your time and allows you to view the city from a new vantage point. There are plenty of things you should know, however, before arriving for your helicopter charter. Is there a weight limit for helicopter tours? While every charter company has its own set of rules, many prohibit passengers weighing over 250 to 300 pounds.

All About Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service

What on earth is a non-emergency medical transportation service? Well, they're often referred to as NEMT, and in the narrowest interpretations, they are a service that offers rides to and from your non-emergency medical services like appointments, checkups, or to pick up prescriptions. They're intended to help people who don't have reliable transportation and access to public transport, mostly. They're also useful if, for example, you are alone and going to have a procedure that you can recover from at home but shouldn't be driving home.

3 Reasons Your Business Should Use Private Jet Charters

Right now, your business might not use private jet charters. There are a lot of business owners and executives out there who just do not understand the value of plane chartering services. However, they could be beneficial for your company for these reasons and more. 1. Save Money Over Ownership First of all, if your business has looked into ownership or fractional ownership of a private jet in the past, you might have found that it's actually pretty expensive.

Reasons For A Limo Service

Limo service isn't just for celebrities that need to get to the hotel from the airport. Anyone can make great use of limo services for a wide range of reasons. A limo service needs to be booked in advance, and when you book a limo service, it includes the limo and the driver. You can book the limo to pick you up from one location and drive you to another. Or, you can book the limo for blocks of time in which you can be driven to several locations.

Trucking And Highway Permits A Problem On The Road? Start Doing Things Electronically Toady

If a lot of the loads that you've carrying as a truck driver have been overweight, and getting held up at each weighing station is causing a lot of problems in your schedule, you want start filing for the proper permits well in advance. You want to be sure that you are able to keep on pace to finish your jobs as needed, so the customer is happy and so you can get more routes.